XTP Career Engagement Fully Packed at Berea Offices venue

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Xoliswa Tini Properties and it's Training Academy hosted a Career Engagement in East London at the Berea offices branch. The event was well attended with the numbers eclipsing the anticipated number of 65 people to over 105 people registering their presence at the event. One of the stakeholders of this engagement also included Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator , which was represented by Ms Pumla Stuurman.

The purpose of this engagement was to shed further light on the people of the Eastern Cape, about how Real Estate is also a career path that many should consider and the steps it takes to be successful at it. The event was devided into 4 segments that all had their leader to elaborate on, with them being:

-Real Estate as a career : Xoliswa Tini

- Training Academy : Enid de Wet & Charlene Ross

- How to be an agent : Noluvuyo Dikiso

- Making use of opportunities afforded to the youth: Pumla Stuurman of Harambee

Simuntaneously, Enid and Charlene introduced the Training academy and its role in laying a solid foundation for you as a prospective Real Estate agent. The Xoliswa Tini Properties Training Academy enjoys a 100% success rate by offering a qualification that is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority. All the agents that are at Xoliswa Tini properties have gone through the training provided by the agency.

XTP founder Mrs Xoliswa Tini was on hand to give sound knowledge to a crowd of listeners in attendance.

"First thing you must know is that, Real estate is an international qualification. At Xoliswa Tini Properties , we have an academy that gives you those qualifications. While you are in your training, you get an opportunity to practice your practical game of an Estate Agent like how to valuate houses and list properties. You are trained how to negotiate and how to gain the knowledge that will give you confidence in the field of play" Xoliswa Tini said.

Multitudes of people were attentively listening to the wise words of Mrs Tini and her expert tricks of the trade.

Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator also encouraged people to make use of their facilities and services to further advance themselves. Pumla Stuurman of Harambee said "It pains me a lot when we have these services available for absolutely free and the response from the youth is just not enough, that pains me the most. These things are usually paid for but at Harambee, we give you courses for absolutely free, the least the youth can do is to make use of these opportunities". Harambee is a non-profit organization that tackles the youth unemployment challenge using data, innovation, partnerships and on-the-ground experience to build pragmatic, implementable solutions that get results.

With this combination, the Xoliswa Tini Properties group is making great strides to eliviate youth unemployment and creating career opportunities for many people across South Africa.

Full Status Agent, Ms Noluvuyo Dikiso gave a thorough breakdown of what it takes to be a full status agent. "I came here as a varsity drop out, not knowing what to do and where to begin. I went through the training academy here at Xoliswa Tini Properties, then proceeded to being an Intern. I worked hard to get as many listings as i possibly could as I concurrently worked my way up. I am now a full status agent who is in control of her finances and business. I will share with you how i did it" said Noluvuyo.

Author: Lwanda Bana

Submitted 25 Nov 19 / Views 177