Xoliswa Tini Shakes Things Up at Black Business Forum Summit

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On Friday, the 15 of November, the Black Business Forum held a Eastern Cape Property Summit at the East London IDZ. The summit was meant to shed light on the inequalities of the property sector in the province and how it can be transformed, so that the majority can also benefit. A panel of experts were selected to lead these discussions and they included Xoliswa Tini Properties owner and founder, Mrs Xoliswa Tini. Other dignitaries present included EC Department of Public Works MEC B Madikizela, EC Black Business Forum President Luthando Bara, Provincial Treasury HOD Majeke Daluhlanga to mention but a few.

The now Johannesburg-based Mrs Tini shared her wealth of knowledge about the steps that need to be taken in order for transformation to no longer be a term but a reality in the property sector of Eastern Cape and South Africa at large. "Let us not run away from facts and start learning from our current mistakes. This all starts with our mentality as black people. We can learn a lot from the jews by working together to attain generational wealth, instead, we measure our success by how much more we have than others. I am in the business or Real Estate and 16 years in this industry, the transformation of it is still a dream".

Statements like these from Mrs Tini were met with arousing approval and applause because the Real Estate mogul did not mince her words. The youth of the province shared the same sentiments with Xoliswa with one labeling her statements as "Direct and Progressive".

Author: Lwanda Bana

Submitted 18 Nov 19 / Views 158