SARS and Xoliswa Tini Properties Collaborate to Empower Property Practitioners

Category XTP Career Engagement

To maintain a solid structure in business, it is critical that an enterprise goes above and beyond to empower the employees that generate revenue and income streams for the company. Xoliswa Tini Properties Berea branch decided to partner up with the South African Revenue Service, where two of their employees, Anthea and Babalwa, came to educate the Property Practitioners of Xoliswa Tini Properties.

The main aim of this session was to teach Practitioners/Commission Earners about accountability, being financially smart and how to avoid trouble with the taxman. This presentation was to merely provide information in an easily understandable manner and is intended to make provisions of the legislation more accessible.

"It is critical to practice transparency and compliance with SARS. One should know the importance of registering within specified time frames and the attachment of certified copies of all documentation where requested" said Anthea.

Babalwa touched base on Record Keeping by emphasizing a few noteworthy points like:

"Documentary proof is essential to enable you to claim actual expenses occurred"

"All documents must be kept for a period of 5 years".

"Keep record of everything so you may be able to complete your tax returns accurately".

Property Practitioners at Xoliswa Tini Properties are kept in the loop with regards to their obligation towards SARS and thus, they are empowered.

Author: Lwanda Bana

Submitted 20 Jan 20 / Views 165