Elegance That Never Fades in Bryanston Home

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With the greater part of affluent people, the chief enjoyment of riches consists in the display of wealth, which in their eye is never as complete as when they appear to possess those decisive marks of opulence which nobody can possess but themselves. For those who have spent much of their lives in this great city of Johannesburg, look upon its opulence and its people, this is still the case and it is an enjoyable sensation. Exclusivity brings about great satisfaction to an individual who has worked hard to attain their possessions.

In the suburb of Bryanston, an elite class of citizens reside here where they have access to the upper echelon lifestyle of the city. This 17 Hunt Road property exists in such an area and is home to beautiful features that are built with striking architectural design. Possessing an array of space that any family can dream of, this is a home where memories are created and will never fade.

This house consists of 5 spacious bedrooms, with 2 of them possessing main-en-suite bathrooms, a dining room, a spacious lounge, a reception/office space, 1 extra bathroom for everyone and 2 guest toilets. This is also a mothers dream as it has a large kitchen with a fitted stove, a large fitted table and scullery. The house also has 2 huge patios, with one from the living area and one from the main bedroom with a view of the landscape garden on display. There are also 3 garages and plenty of parking space that could fit well over 4 cars.

Some of the amenities close to this property include:

  • Brescia House School
  • Bryanston Parallel Medium and Pre-Primary School
  • Epsom Downs Pick n' Pay
  • Nicholway Shopping Centre
  • Engen Garage on Sloane
  • BMW Bryanston
  • Maserati Bryanston
  • The Local Kitchen Co.

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Author: Lwanda Bana

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