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Xoliswa Tini Properties originally from the Eastern Cape in sunny East London a city with rich history and amazing potential. East London has over the years become a home owner’s haven . Founded by Lieutenant John Bailie in 1936 and situated amongst the Buffalo, Kwelera and Nahoon rivers in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, East London is the Eastern Cape’s second largest city. Though the city still maintains its relaxed and quant vibe, East London is a developing city with possibility for financial gain.

Whether you are an investor or looking to settle in a small town with modern finishes, East London can offer that and more. Taking up residence in East London means that you will be part of a city with a lot of life and endless possibilities. The city has a number of suburbs that offer homes for people from all walks of life, every income group is catered for. East London also has a proud history of school traditions, each school encourages sorority and a strong bond.

Our pristine beaches and historic sights are a tourism dream, visitors leave feeling revitalized from all many activities the city has to offer. You can enjoy relaxing boat rides along the river and take in all of the scenery. East London is very family orientated there are a number of activities that families can take part in, there is a programme for every member of the family. The city has a number of malls that stock the latest brands and host a number of restaurants and hang out spots for social gatherings. Just a few kilometers out of East London, Mdantsane, a vibrant township also offers tourists an unforgettable, original experience and cultural diversity at its best.

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Mdantsane is a township situated between East London and King William’s Town. Being the second largest township in South Africa, Mdantsane has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Home to many legends and a rich history, Mdantsane is divided into 18 zones which are still expanding. The zones cater to all income groups and despite being termed as a residential area for low income residents, there is an increase in middle income buyers. Mdantsane offers a variety of services that would make home owners who want to buy homes in the area never want to leave. Reliable public transport makes it easy for residents to have access to all amenities. Children of school going age are at an advantage because there are schools in all the 18 zones in Mdantsane.

There are a number of budding businesses in the industrial area called Fort Jackson, some of these projects are supported by the government under their urban renewal programme. Mdantsane has a vibrant social life where youth can take part in events hosted by the Mdantsane arts centre that is situated near Qumza Highway. Mdantsane City mall offers residents a shopping experience where they don’t have to travel to town to do their shopping.


Known as East London’s first suburb, situated near the Eastern Beach Quigney is a suburb that has become a popular choice amongst buyers. Homes in the area have a strong architectural build and have a rich history, first houses were built in 1877. This suburb is a firm favourite amongst holiday makers and families who are looking to get away from it all. Quigney is the summer hub of East London, with five-star dining and hotels available. The student population is both eclectic and vibrant. With hotels along the beach, the aquarium and a string of restaurants, Quigney is packed with convenience. For those looking to settle in the area, there is a school and a number of buildings that can be converted into money making businesses. Whether you are buying for investment or to settle down, Quigney is ideal to get that quiet beach town vibe.



The suburb of Nahoon was named after the nearby Nahoon river has throughout the years come full circle. Once a quiet suburb Nahoon has become the hive of activity over the years with a lot of developments happening. The city's youth culture revolves around surfing.  Nahoon Reef is the most popular spot for local surfers in search of good waves.  Nahoon Beach is a surfer's and swimmer's paradise.  The water is warm and the beach is tidy that is an advantage for people who love taking morning and evening stroll along the beach. There are also a few family owned restaurants that adds to the notion that Nahoon is a family orientated suburb. Families looking to settle in the area will be at an advantage because Nahoon is close to many amenities. The Dassie Trail in Nahoon offers a popular birding destination and the Mangrove forest provides a safe habitat for many species of birds. Nahoon is adjacent to one of the finest golf clubs in East London, The East London Golf Club which has hosted many golfing championship tournaments. This area is conducive for families who are looking for homes in a well-established area. Just a few kilometres from the airport and CBD.



Situated near the harbour, Westbank is one of East London’s oldest suburbs, home to Fort Glamorgan prison which housed a number of struggle stalwarts during the apartheid era. This suburb has a rich history and has developed as one of East London’s industrial areas. The Mercedes Benz plant is a major employer for most families in East London. The suburb also has a lot of potential for growth. Just two kilometres from the airport and five kilometres from the CBD, Westbank is close to all amenities. Families who are looking for homes in the area can take advantage of lazy boat rides along the Indian ocean.



Cambridge started out as a small agricultural village and later grew into a residential suburb. Named after Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge. Close to most amenities, Cambridge also has homes that have strong architectural buildings. The suburb offers a wide variety of property ranging from entry level homes to large colonial style gracious homes. This suburb also has entertainment for all ages, bowling and bridge for older folk. Situated a few kilometres from Hemingways and Vincent Park malls, Cambridge is conveniently located. There is also a budding industrial, though small it is doing quite well. There are also a number of churches for a variety of denominations. If you are looking for homes with history with quiet streets, Cambridge is where you should settle.


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